Bettie Page: A Fashion Inspiration

by: Rachel Gates

Bettie Page, an iconic pinup girl and American super model, continues to inspire women today with her fashion and unique looks. Those in love with her signature jet-black bangs and original outfits are in luck! The Bettie Page Store, located in Santa Monica, California, offers Bettie Page inspired dresses, separates, and accessories for young women. The designs behind the vintage-inspired clothing line found online and in the store are inspired from a remarkable woman who spent her life in front of the camera. She made her own clothing for her photoshoots and smiled big for the camera while showing them off.

Along with her jet-black bangs, Bettie Page had many signature outfits that generally included floral dresses, pin-up inspired swimsuits, and lingerie. Just as she wore back in the 1950s and 60s, very similar designs and outfits can be found today. Many people believe her sense of fashion was ahead of her time, explaining why her looks have been seen in fashion magazines for many generations. If you pick up any ordinary, trendy, fashion-forward magazine such as Seventeen or Cosmopolitan, you will find numerous prints on the clothing advertised throughout the magazines that were made famous by Bettie Page. Because spring is in the air, you will especially find various floral looks.

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