Would You Like To Open A Bettie Page Store?

What is Licensing?
Bettie Page stores are independently owned by operators who License the rights to the brand. As a Licensee, you are able to own your own business using a proven business format, thereby lowering your risk. Further, the licensing business structure grants you access to proven sellers seen on the merchandising pages of this site.

High traffic space and location is of paramount importance when opening a store. Bettie Page is an iconic global brand and as such, real estate locations must serve as reference points for the industry. The Bettie Page brand appeals to a wide variety of consumers, including vintage Bettie fans looking for vintage inspired apparel, as well as contemporary women looking for a modern take on pin-up, rockabilly and retro-inspired fashion. Your location must benefit from an opportunistic flow of foot traffic, and be located in a shopping area that is a destination for tourists and locals alike. Square footage required is a minimum of 1500 feet.

Obsession With Quality
Bettie Page merchandise suppliers are selected by CMG Worldwide based on their total commitment, desire and ability to deliver customers with a consistent, quality product they’ll want to buy again and again. When selecting store owners, we look for this same dedication to ensuring a predictable, positive shopping experience to customers as well. We know that the store experience is the brand experience–and so we depend on your enthusiastic talent!

Something For Everyone
Bettie Page stores a wide range of product categories that appeal to a wide consumer base. The stores are truly a one-stop fashion headquarters specializing in dresses and separates, swimwear, shoes, bridal, lingerie, books and art pieces, gifts, and memorabilia.

Bettie Page stores’ inviting store design and layout welcomes shoppers to relax and try on clothing in a comfortable setting. Priority one is providing a safe environment for employees and guests.

Fiscal Analysis
A business run by the numbers maximizes return on investment. The first step to begin your journey with us is to write a business plan of no more than 20 pages that includes reasonable sales projections . Talking with friends, family, and retailers you may know, as well as researching on the internet and consulting with your accountant, may assess a reasonable indication of sales levels and earnings.

Each category in which Bettie Page competes, is a growth industry in our opinion. If we keep delivering on our promises, regardless of who else sells apparel, Bettie Page wins. Our product development teams create all new assortments each season for you to take advantage of, and by creating stunning in-store displays, enable your Bettie Page shop to resonate in the marketplace.

Brand Goodwill
Bettie Page is a very unique and special trade name. We have twenty years of brand building invested and are at the top of our game. Merchandise sales volume has been tested on this web site. We work with you to help determine what you should order based on the size of your store, the location, and the season.

A Proven System of Operations
Experience in the marketplace eliminates errors you might make as an unseasoned retailer. You have the opportunity to absorb as much knowledge as you need from us and, to build and operate profitably using our guidelines and methods.

Site Selection
Independents often have difficulty competing against major chains for the best store locations, and typically cannot qualify with the landlord. Aligning yourself with Bettie Page gives you the full force and backing of our established real estate relationships.

Group Buying Power
When purchasing from recommended independent third-party suppliers, you tap into the cost efficiencies reflected on special Bettie Page price lists. But don’t let that stop you from taking a leadership position in creating new items to sell, which once authorized by CMG Worldwide, introduces you to other Bettie Page retailers.

The Power of a Chain Image
Shoppers who see a store built with a polished look, are motivated to buy there by the expectation of premium quality products and service. Should you ever choose to sell your business, being a branch of a chain is desirable.

Training Program
Our three-stage training program assumes you have no background in celebrity apparel or in retailing, just a strong desire to learn the Bettie Page way.

Economic Benefits
Typically, you pay an up-front one-time Licensing Fee to acquire the rights to open a Bettie Page store, followed by a monthly Licensing Fee based on a percentage of sales. If you are considering developing a territory and want to reserve the rights to a defined geographic area for future store construction, we will negotiate a discounted up-front Licensing Fee for future stores, with the proviso that the rights lapse if development benchmarks are not met based on a mutually agreeable timetable.

On-Going Support
Bettie Page marketing promotions, suggested online social media campaigns, private-label programs, and seasonal collateral, help make your unique store stand out. We want you to feel that you work for yourself, but not by yourself!

We Expect You To Operate A World-Class Store
Bettie Page shops are operated by outstanding people dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences. Strive for your Bettie Page store to be regarded as a destination among regulars in the mall.

We Expect You To Have Fun!
You won’t feel like you’re putting in the hours if you’re working it with the enthusiasm that comes from being an owner. Hire a team you feel like making friends with because, on average, retail leases last for ten years.

We Expect Your Full-Time Commitment To Your Bettie Page Store
Managing a Bettie Page shop is a full-time job. We know from experience that this is one of the keys to success in building customer loyalty and sales. Higher volume branches may be help-run, with you overseeing the GM in the role of shareholder and investor. Multi-unit operators, please contact us about paying a management fee for CMG Worldwide to hire a store manager for you, provide training, and oversee the person we put in place, who will come from our ranks of seasoned professionals.

We Seek Operators With Marketing Skills To Make A Name For Their Store At The Local Level
Each Bettie Page store reflects the city in which it is located. The product offering may be expanded to satisfy demands of the local trade area. Being active in the community keeps the brand top of mind. Social media activity validates the brand in the minds of consumers, making the internet one of your best tools for connecting with the local Bettie Page community.

CMG Worldwide does not train Licensees; licensees are trained by other Licensees. The total cost for all three stages of the Training Program is approximately $25,000, not including travel expenses. These funds are paid directly to the training store and the Training Manager you choose to work with. Be sure to budget this critically important expense into your business plan.

Phase 1 Training:
You spend a full week (or more) at one of Bettie Page’s designated training stores to absorb all there is to know about operating a Bettie Page flagship store. At this time, US Licensees will train in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand location on The Strip.

Phase 2 Training:
Once your Certificate of Occupancy has been issued by the Building Department, merchandise has started arriving, and you have hired a staff, key vendors conduct on-site training classes. Specifically, a representative from Bettie Page’s dress manufacturer will be on-site to lead the team on proper merchandising of the collection and to conduct seminars enlightening the sale staff with selling techniques.

Such a system ensures that you and the store team are familiar with all equipment down to the cash registers and bar code scanners, or with recipe preparation and cooking equipment in the case of Bettie Page Bars. Licensees and their staff will learn everything they ever wanted to know about how to manage a store, including but not limited to: writing a schedule, complying with wage and hour laws, managing payroll, ordering, QuickBooks, and local area marketing.

Phase 3 Training:
Prior arrangements are made for one of CMG Worldwide’s floating Training Managers to work in your store. The time frame for this is a specific three-day minimum, meaning the day before you open and the first two days you open. The Training Manager is on hand to troubleshoot and assist as necessary with whatever unpredictable situation may arise.

There is a buzz when new Bettie Page stores open, and first impressions count.
History proves it is imperative to be well versed on every aspect of operating your store correctly and quickly, from day one.

Estimated Initial Investment


Flagship Store (Apparel)
Initial Licensing Fee $25,000
Contractual Licensing Fee 5% of sales

On-going monthly Licensing Fees are payable to CMG Worldwide monthly by wire or direct deposit into our bank account. Licensees are responsible for completing our standard recap form monthly and emailing it to us for reconciliation. Certain auditing methods are agreed to in advance and will be encountered randomly throughout the period of your lease.

1. Q: Describe Bettie Page’s positioning in the marketplace?
A: To a person who has never shopped at one of our 20 US mall shops, we would describe Bettie Page as a retro fashion headquarters store, speaking from a position of authority based on brand heritage in the categories of dresses and separates, shoes, lingerie, swimwear, accessories, and gifts & collectibles.

2. Q: Isn’t there a newer, updated Bettie Page retail concept?
A: Yes, Licensees may now add a Bettie Page Wine Bar adjacent to their store, and / or construct a Bettie Page Wine Bar independent of the apparel format. The Bettie Page Wine Bar may serve entirely non-alcoholic beverages as is the custom in many countries worldwide. Our Wine Bar is designed to offer a Bettie Page concept for Licensees who seek to lure customers out of their online shopping habit, into a lifestyle environment that cannot be replicated “virtually”.

3. Q: Does the economy impact sales?
A: In general, no, not based on our experience, although we have to qualify that answer by reminding potential Licensees that we have been privileged to attract some of the world’s greatest retail talent into the Bettie Page family of operators, and as a result, our group of highly seasoned professionals better understands effective methods to compete in a tight economy.

4. Q: Is there an advertising fee?
A: No. You are responsible for advertising on the local level. We recommend getting involved with community programs, the chamber of commerce, and cross-marketing with other retailers in your trade area. Bettie Page stores typically budget to spend 6% of sales on ads.

5. Q: What are the net worth requirements?
A: CMG Worldwide has not set net worth requirements. Landlords evaluate applicants on a case-by-case basis. Good credit and availability of funds are the most important criteria.

6. Q: What are the services a Licensee receives from CMG Worldwide before my store opens?
A: Site selection comments (not lease negotiations or lease review), introductions to our corporate architect and contractor, providing an equipment list, revealing Bettie Page vendors, and setting up your training. Upon request, we will provide a list of other Bettie Page Licensees.

7. Q: Is the Licensee required to purchase any equipment, product, or supplies directly from CMG Worldwide?
A: No. All goods are procured on the open market. Nothing is available through CMG Worldwide.

8. Q: Where is Bettie Page merchandise manufactured?
A: Dresses are made in the USA. There are hundreds of international suppliers.

9. Q: How many years have CMG Worldwide and Bettie Page been in business?
A: CMG Worldwide was formed by Mark Roesler in the 1970s. He and his firm have been representing Bettie Page and the Estate of Bettie Page since 2008.

10. Q: Who designs and builds the store?
A: The Licensee with strong input from our corporate architect. We feel consistency is extremely important in terms of the overall visual identity. However, we do not have a prototype square footage and therefore no two stores will ever have the same design.

11. Q: Who selects the location?
A: The Licensee. No one knows the local trade area better than the local operator. Real estate owners and developers often contact us about putting a store in their own building.

12. Q: What is the ideal location?
A: A minimum 1,500 square foot location for a Bettie Page store and a minimum 3,000 square foot site for a Bettie Page Wine Bar. The exception would be for a Wine Bar kiosk, which could have a footprint as small as 150 square feet with a commissary. We are actively seeking operators wishing to build kiosks in airports, malls, stadiums, and other high-traffic locations.

13. Q: What is the length of the Licensing Agreement?
A: One year with automatic renewal for the duration of the lease term, typically ten years, with options to renew. Licensees must remain in good standing for automatic renewal.

14. Q: What if I sell my store?
A: When this happens, the buyer must give sixty days notice to CMG Worldwide of intent. There is a transfer fee involved.

15: Q: Do any Licensees own more than one store?
A: Yes.

16: Q: Why should I build a Bettie Page store?
A: 67% of America’s GNP is retailing. This is a profession that has survived throughout the ages, because it is a proven method of making money. In the USA, Licensees/Franchisees account for over 50% of retail sales, totaling over $1 trillion per year in gross sales.

17. Q: Why not go with some other apparel or refreshment company?
A: The power of celebrity cannot be underestimated. Bettie Page is truly a global brand. Contact us to ask about CMG Worldwide’s specific, well-developed plans to introduce a strong entertainment component into Bettie Page stores. The public’s unending fascination with celebrities, coupled with our proprietary, patented in-store technology, make our offer unique.

18. Q: How much is the deposit and when is it paid?
A: $25,000 is paid to CMG Worldwide upon signing a Licensing Agreement. This is the first step and is required prior to beginning your location search, since only approved Licensees may make representations to potential landlords about having the rights to develop a Bettie Page store.

19. Q: How soon after paying the deposit will I open?
A: The timeframe varies widely based on the length of time it takes to find a suitable location, negotiate a lease, design the store, obtain construction permits, and build out. Plan on no sooner than 6 months and typically up to a year or more. Good locations are not easy to find.

20. Q: What experience do I need to operate a Bettie Page store?
A: Desire to succeed; demonstrated work ethic, financial stability, and people skills are of primary importance. No prior business or retail experience is required or expected.

I am definitely Interested in Licensing a Bettie Page Store. What is the Next Step?

1. Complete the online Licensee Confidential Qualification Report and return it by email to CMG Worldwide. Upon receipt, your personal and financial information will be reviewed.

2. A CMG Worldwide representative will telephone you to discuss the application. This is an opportunity to mutually determine if Bettie Page will work for you. If you have not begun preparation of a business plan, a timeline will be established for completion.

3. Protocol requires that you submit to our office the Initial Licensing Fee, upon review and acceptance of your completed, and in most cases revised, business plan. This establishes you as the designated Licensee for the geographic area(s) you have been approved for, based on your business plan. Please note that, Licensing fees are non-refundable, should you later decide not to open a Bettie Page store for any reason.

4. The process then becomes self-directed during the site selection phase. Licensees will provide periodic updates to CMG Worldwide, regarding the status of landlord negotiations. Most Licensees enter into a dialogue with multiple landlords simultaneously. Working independently, you will visit and pursue sites that interest you.

5. CMG Worldwide’s real estate representative will review the LOI (Letter of Intent) you wish to sign, signalling to the landlord that economic terms of a deal have been agreed upon for one specific location.
a.) Licensees receive details regarding existing stores’ leases (rent, square footage). Such data may or may not be useful to index against, as market rates vary tremendously.
b.) Both parties perform an assessment of competition, and review retail sales figures provided by the landlord, to confirm that the site complies with the business plan.

6. Designated Licensees, who decide to execute a lease agreement, will receive an Operations Manual and will be introduced to an architect and contractor for the store design and construction phase. Budgets are finalized and submitted with proposed plans to CMG Worldwide for brand approval before construction begins.

7. Licensees, nearing the end of construction, are introduced to a Training Manager who coordinates the training phase. It is advisable to begin training well before construction is complete.

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