Building your brand in conjunction with Bettie Page can be one of the most positive product development decisions you can make–ultimately providing a significant return investment to your organization. In this section, one may explore the benefits of participating in the licensing industry, and more specifically, learn the numerous opportunities that affiliating a product or service with Bettie Page may provide.

Over the past decade, corporate America has recognized the enormous potential of licensed merchandise. An exciting array of licensing opportunities are now available to manufacturers–opportunities that offer multiple benefits and innovative solutions.

What licensing can give your product:

  • Popularity: The distinction of a popular brand helps your product “stand out from the crowd.”
  • Cost-effective Recognition: The use of a well-known trademark or personality, familiar to consumers, without having to invest in launching and building up your own brand.
  • Instant recognition: The immediate gain of consumer awareness and the quick creation and reinforcement of brand awareness, recognition and image.
  • Trustworthiness: The consumer confidence in a brand name or character image that has been successfully built up for years.
  • Profitability: The higher prices consumers will pay for a quality licensed product.

A licensing agreement is the lease of a legally protected property, such as a trademarked image, for use with a product or line of products. The licensee rents the right to use this property in association with their product.

Licensing involves a contractual agreement between the licensor and the licensee. This contract ensures that the use of the licensor’s property is restricted by specific conditions. For example, the contract may require that the licensee’s product be distributed in a certain geographical area or produced only for a set time period.

When renting a property, the licensee pays the licensor a guaranteed minimum royalty. They will also pay the licensor a percentage of total sales of the product.

  • Licensing: the process of leasing a legally protected property in conjunction with a product or a product line
  • Property: a trademarked or copyrighted entity, which could be a name, likeness, logo, graphic, saying, signature, character or a combination of several of these elements
  • Licensor: the owner or agent of the property
  • Licensee: the renter of the rights, usually a manufacturer
  • Contract: a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
  • Execute: to perform or carry out a contract
  • Royalty: the basic component of payment, a percentage of the licensee’s sales of products
  • Guarantee: a required minimum royalty, which the licensee has to pay regardless of sales performance.
  • Advance: a percentage of the guarantee that is paid upon execution of agreement
  • Image Assets: any trademarked assets, images, artwork or legal lines used on or for the licensee’s product
  • Trademarked Assets: image assets such as signatures, logos, numbers, and sponsors that are legally protected by the licensor
  • Amend: a change or addition to a contract which will have the same legal power as the original contract
  • Renew: the continuation of a contract that has expired or almost expired, dependent upon full payment of the guarantee

To state that Bettie Page was merely a great 1950s pin-up model underplays her significance–she was much more than the “Queen of Pin-Ups,” and her unique persona, sense of style, and prominence made her a pop culture icon. Movie stars and models frequently imitated her distinctive features, artists gently sketched her sensual curves, and rock stars idolized her in song.

With hair as dark midnight and a smile as bright as day, Bettie Page is as revered today as she was in her heyday. Without elaborate props, costumes, or set dressings, Bettie produced countless iconic shots, which appeared in hundreds of magazines and publications. Her flawless skin, deep blue eyes, and trademark bangs inspired photographers of all types, while her girl next door look and smile complemented her explosive combination of features.

1.) Her Unique and Imitated Sense of Style: Bettie Page embodies distinctive, recognizable style. Forever immortalized with her signature bangs, voluptuous curves, and mysterious smile, she serves as inspiration to some of the most chic designers, models, and actresses of the 20th century. This style, which was first popular in the 1950s, is the very definition of glamour.

2.) Her Diverse and Loyal Fan Base: Bettie Page’s consumer and fan bases are steadfast and loyal to her products. Her image and likeness elicit a cult-like response from fans, which continues to propel her popularity higher with each passing day.

3.) Her Historical Significance: During her career, Bettie Page was part of what many consider the classic era of the pin-up photograph. To her fans, Bettie is a pioneer in the genre–she deviated from the beaten path and proved it was acceptable for women to express themselves in an open and free manner.

4.) Her Global Recognition: While much of her fan base resides in the United States, Bettie Page is a globally recognized icon. Many of her fans call Europe home–especially the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Germany–and Asia is a hotspot where interest continues to accrue.

5.) Her Traits: After you have reviewed and signed the license agreement, send it back to CMG Worldwide accompanied by the advance as delineated by the agreement.

1.) Please completely fill out and submit a business inquiry.

2.) Once we have received your completed form, a member of our licensing team will contact you to negotiate the terms for the license.

3.) When we have mutually agreed to the licensing terms, CMG Worldwide will submit a proposal to the Licensor for their approval.

4.) Once the proposal is approved by the licensor, your contract will be drafted and sent to you for review.

5.) After you have reviewed and signed the license agreement, send it back to CMG Worldwide accompanied by the advance as delineated by the agreement.

6.) CMG will send the agreement to the licensor parties for signature. Once all parties have signed, you will receive a copy of the fully executed contract for your records.

Once these steps are completed, you will receive a username and password that will grant you access to the secure links on the product development and the existing license maintenance portions of the web site.

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