Happy Dapper Day!

by: Autumn Murray, Brand Ambassador

Retro and Vintage Fashions plus Disneyland? Sign us up! While we, as a store, won’t be attending Dapper Day (we hope will get a booth someday!) we have a huge selection that would be perfect for your outing to the happiest place on Earth!

Wanting to Disneybound? We have tons of dresses and mix-and-match options to make great Disneybounding pieces. Here are a couple of ideas!

For this Fall event and what better way to celebrate Fall than with plaids and velvet pieces. Our plaid dresses are a classic look in the beautiful Rust and Orange colors. Did I mention they look darling with our Lamour Boots? Pair it with a cropped cardigan and a fascinator and you have cozy Fall outfit, perfect for having a memorable day in the park! Any of our velvet dresses would look spectacular with a cape or shawl to keep you warm throughout the night. Don’t forget to layer with our Seamless and Point Heel stockings (suspender belt is needed for both)!

We love seeing our Bettie Babes strutting their stuff, so if you are planning on going to this fall’s Dapper Day, don’t forget to tag us @bettiepagestore and #anyonecanbeabettie to be featured on our page!

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