Meet the Bettie Page Brand Ambassador!

by: Tori Rodriguez, Editor

The Bettie Page brand has an extra-special new addition – our first-ever brand ambassador! Autumn Murray is a total doll and a perfect choice to represent the pinup queen’s legacy. We think you’ll agree! Read on to learn more about our gal.

Sharon Rene Photography

Tori: Tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from, what are you like, and what are you into?

Autumn: I am a Southern California girl, born and raised! I have lived in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire throughout my life. My appreciation for vintage culture started very young, being weaned on the melodic sounds of Sinatra, Bennett, and other greats of the time, thanks to my mother. My appreciation for music led me to becoming a musical theater nerd in my formative years. Theater allowed me to play with clothes and makeup on a regular basis, which is where I found my passion for fashion. More specifically, during a production of “All Shook Up” (an Elvis Presley jukebox musical set in the 1950’s), I found my passion for vintage and pinup fashion. I remember the first time I put on my costume feeling like I had found what I’d been looking for my entire life – clothing that fit my body type and made me feel beautiful.

However, it wasn’t until several years later, when I met my boyfriend and he suggested I start modeling as a pinup, that I really dove into the pinup community. At the beginnings of my new adventures as a pinup model, he and I stumbled upon a store in Santa Monica named Bettie Page with beautiful vintage inspired clothing, which quickly became my new favorite shopping spot. After several months of being a consistent customer, I saw that the store was hiring. I thought to myself that there couldn’t have been a more perfect opportunity, and the rest is history! I am forever grateful to have found a job that I love and that I am excited to come to everyday. 

Other activities or hobbies of mine include archery, dancing, singing, rock climbing, snowboarding, and traveling!

Sharon Rene Photography

Tori: What do you love about Bettie? 

Autumn: Bettie Page is a role model to many women, including myself. She was intelligent, but not boastful. She was stunning, but humble. She could be the sexiest woman on planet Earth and then in a split second be making fun of herself for it. Bettie pushed the envelope without even realizing that she was a revolutionary. She simply did what she wanted to do with no hesitation. I try to live my life having the type of boundless courage that she exhibited everyday of hers. Bettie Page was ahead of her time, and I think we all owe many of our sexual liberties to her. So wherever you are, Bettie, know that we love and appreciate everything that you did for the many generations to come after you. 

Tori: What does your role as brand ambassador entail, and what are your favorite parts about it?

Autumn: As Brand Ambassador, I keep in touch with all the Bettie Page licensees making sure that we are using the companies to their full potential. Traveling to trade shows, I also seek out what else can we expand upon with the Bettie Page brand. But that is only half the job! I also manage the brick and mortar store in Santa Monica, acting as the marketing, retail, and purchasing manager. Essentially, anything Bettie related is my domain!

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Tori: Can you give us a peek into a some of the exciting things planned for the brand or store in the near future?

Autumn: We have some incredible sales for the holiday season, so make sure to keep an eye out for our newsletters to see what is in store! I can’t reveal too much, but we do have many exciting projects brewing. One that I can disclose is a pin and jewelry collaboration that we are working on with Unicorn Crafts by Faheema Chaudhury. We cannot wait to see what adorable designs she has in store for us! We are always trying to get more involved with events and vending opportunities to expand the brand, so if anyone wants to see the Bettie Page Store at a particular event, comment down below and we will do our best to get out to you!  


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