Spooky Couture

by: Autumn Murray, Brand Ambassador

Halloween is nearly here! Whether you celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with tricks or treats, everyone wants to have the best looking costume when arriving at a Halloween Party! Our job at Bettie Page is to get you looking your absolute best with our fantastic clothing as your basic costume and then we will show you how to perfect your look using our versatile accessories!

Any doll can come into our shop and find the perfect 50’s look that will make all the studs drop to their knees for you. For our Bettie Babes who are deeply involved with the Retro/Vintage community, we suggest taking a favorite character of yours and giving it a pin-up inspired look! The world is your oyster when you open your mind up to the possibilities.

Every fabulous costume needs something extra to finish it off. A great outfit only goes so far without the right accessories! We all know that jewelry is the way to go when finishing off a look, but finding the perfect hat or horns to spruce up your gorgeous tresses is an amazing way to amp up you look. It is amazing what the smallest details can do to bring the whole ensemble together.

Find your cute, quirky, or sexy costume here at Bettie Page! Make sure to tag us @bettiepagestore on instagram and #anyonecanbeabettie to be featured on our page!

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