Anyone Can Be a Bettie

by: Autumn Murray, Brand Ambassador

Attention Plus Sized Girls: This one’s for you!

We know how hard it can be fitting into modern fashions based around very rectangularly built bodies, but here at Bettie Page we all embrace our feminine curves, showing off what we have each been blessed with! Our sizes range from a 4 or an XS all the way through a 26 or a 3X.  I interviewed Ashlee, our resident plus-sized shopgirl, to find out what she loves about the fit, the style, and the overall feeling when wearing Bettie Page.

AM: Tell me a little bit about how you found yourself wearing Retro/Vintage clothing.

Ashlee: It sounds kinda weird, but my ex-boyfriend’s mom actually introduced me to the pin-up scene  way back in 2011 and I would love looking at her outfits. She was the one that bought me my first pinup dress from Unique Vintage and I’ve loved it ever since. Wearing pinup clothing gave me more confidence than I ever experienced before because the clothes were just more flattering to my body. Plus all of the positive comments that I got from everyone around me gave me that extra boost of confidence.  

AM: What excited you most about the Bettie Page Store?

Ashlee: It was the fact that there were sizes that fit me. It is so hard to find shirts and dresses that will fit over my breasts in a good and flattering way! The fact that the clothing would fit me without ANY alterations was the most amazing thing.

AM: What would you tell every plus sized girl that you run into that hasn’t tried Bettie Page Clothing?

Ashlee: Don’t be intimidated to try anything at the store. The best part about the vintage scene and moreover Bettie Page clothing is that it flatters everyone, in every size!

So whether you are a petite frame or the curviest girl on the block, Bettie Page has something for you!

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