Be Our Guest: Vintage Beauty Blog Post by Angelica Luna

Give yourself a fake Bettie bang or a swirly retro delight, with these instructions and photos courtesy of Angelica Luna of Strawberry D’Lish Pinups, our guest beauty blogger this month. Find her on Instagram @strawberry_dlish.

Look #1: Faux Bettie Bumper Bangs

Model/Hair: Good Gawly Ms Yaddy ~ Photography: Angelica Luna, Strawberry D’Lish Pinups

Model/Hair: Good Gawly Ms Yaddy ~ Photography: Angelica Luna, Strawberry D’Lish Pinups

You’ll need a comb with a point at end for precise parting, bobby pins, a donut bun in your hair color, and hair spray.

  • Cut donut bun in half to make one long foam roll
  • Separate hair for faux bang, taking section hair from forehead going back to about the middle of the top of your head
  • Put foam roll under front hair section, starting at ends, and roll tightly. Stop in the middle of forehead, bending slightly on each side in form of a U-shape, and secure each side with bobby pins
  • Your hair will be in center of foam roll so you’ll want to carefully spread hair evenly around rest of the foam to cover well. Spray with hairspray to hold.

Look #2: Swirly Q

Model: Jessica Nydegger @hippie_rose ~ Hair/Makeup: Angelica Luna, Strawberry D'Lish Pinups

Model: Jessica Nydegger @hippie_rose ~ Hair/Makeup: Angelica Luna, Strawberry D’Lish Pinups

This look is rather simple! You’ll need hair spray, bobby pins, teasing comb, and a bristle brush.

  • Part hair/bangs to whichever side your hair is trained. Curl front of hair inwards; this will start the swirl process.
  • For back of hair, curl hair into a flip with curling iron. Once front and back of hair is curled, start with the front twirl.
  • Front: Tease inner part of bang a little for volume, then start the twirl inwards and pin. (It will take a few tries to get it perfect.) Smooth any flyaways with pomade. No pomade? A smidge of lotion works! Then spray to hold.
  • Back: Tease outer part of hair because you'll want inner part of hair nice and smooth to create this look. Once teased, section the back into two parts. With the first section, start the twirl upwards and smooth out any loose flyaways with the brush, then spray and pin. Do the same thing with the other section of your hair, making sure it blends in with the first section, then pin away!
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