Introducing the Legends Collection: From The Vault!

Introducing The Legends Collection, officially licensed vintage merchandise from the vault. Keep an eye out for updates as we discover more in our archives!

Bettie x Marilyn

The raven haired beauty and the blonde bombshell may have never publicly met, but their careers and legacies have been intertwined for decades. Once battling it out for the “Ultimate Sex Goddess” title in TV Guide- with Page taking the lead, the two pin-ups each mixed innocence with sexiness while maintaining their own distinct styles.

While they both dabbled in film early on, Monroe’s pin-up modeling evolved into her iconic acting career. After being discovered by a photographer snapping images of women working for the war effort, a young Norma Jeane Dougherty began posing for cheesecake style photos, gracing the covers of hundreds of magazines. To make ends meet, the newly named Marilyn Monroe posed nude for photographer Tom Kelley, an image later used by Hugh Hefner in the first issue of Playboy. When asked what she had on in the photo, the now-famous movie star replied, “the radio!”

Bettie’s career as a model began by working with camera clubs, evolving into more risque shots that were scandalous and controversial for the time. Bold and fearless, Bettie confidently posed in her now legendary photos and was also featured in Playboy, mere months after Marilyn. Eventually removing herself from fame and the spotlight, Page’s famous photos were revived later in life, thrilling a whole new audience.

Brave, clever, groundbreaking- Both beauties have stood the test of time, as new generations discover their work. Featuring the most famous sex symbols and pin-ups the world has ever known, we are proud to present Bettie x Marilyn for The Legends Collection.

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