Why I invested in these 4 hair products for my vintage hairstyles & you should too!

Peyton Powers

I am a lover of all things vintage and all things hair, as you may well know, so I am constantly experimenting with hair products to find which ones work best with my hair texture in all of the vintage styles I adore. Over the years, I’ve tested enough hair sprays, dyes, and curling tools to go around – and I’ve certainly had my share of questionable haircuts. But that was then. Now, I use products that work perfectly for me and help me achieve the regal, full, and bouncy curls I’ve always adored on other vintage fashion models and bloggers. Keep reading to discover my hair must-haves and exactly why I consider them staples for my styling regimen!

1. Bettie Bangs™

Via Instagram: @classy.rebel

Every Bettie Page fan has felt the urge to cut their own Bettie style bangs at some point. I know I’ve been tempted but was ultimately afraid that the hairdresser wouldn’t understand my vision and disappoint me. That’s why I was so glad to find Classy Rebel’s Bettie Bangs clip-in extension line. With these bangs, I can achieve the Queen of Pinup’s iconic look without the lasting commitment. You can go for Bettie’s jet black look or opt for a lighter color. Classy Rebel offers the colors black, dark brown, natural brown (also available in a virgin hair texture), strawberry blonde, and platinum blonde. And, you can get as creative with these looks as you’d like. For instance, you can dye them bold colors just like the fashionista below. Do note that the company recommends using the platinum extensions when attempting to dye the hair, as lifting color from darker hair could be damaging.

Via Instagram: @classy.rebel

All in all, I love Bettie Bangs because they give me the classic Bettie Page style that I adore and the fact that they’re temporary gives me all the versatility I need.

Via Instagram: @classy.rebel

2. Hair Rollers (or Curl Wand, optional)

I’m a vintage lover, so of course old-fashioned hair rollers are on my must-haves list! You can choose to leave these in overnight or take them down a few hours after you’ve finished curling. To get beautiful curls, blow dry your hair until it is warm to the touch. Your hair needs to be warm so that it can hold the curl effectively. Use your fingers to part your hair into sections and begin wrapping your hair around the roller, making sure that you begin rolling the ends of your hair first and continue rolling downward toward the scalp. It’s usually suggested that you start with the sections toward the front and crown of your head and then move on to the side sections, and lastly, the back. Brushing out curls made with a curl wand can produce a wavy texture that is sure to impress.

3. Holding Spray

After I’ve worked so hard to achieve the perfect victory roll curls or beach or finger waves, the last thing I want is for my masterpiece to fall. To keep my curls bouncy and defined, I use Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray. This product helps my curls last the entire day and makes sure not a single hair is out of place. I depend on this product to preserve my style and it hasn’t let me down! Next time you want to hold your side-swept bang in place, try this product. It’ll hold you tight – literally 🙂

4. Pin Curl Clips

To quote from a previous Bettie Blog post, “Pinup glam without big, soft curls wouldn’t even feel right! This is why double prong curl clips are an essential tool to carry in your makeup bag.” Luckily these clips are super easy to use. After a long day, you can simply wrap each curl around your finger and use the curl clip to hold it in place. I swear by these clips because they help my curls last more than one day and save my hair from the potential heat damage that I could cause from curling or blow drying my hair daily. In the morning, I simply remove the clips and go on my way. How’s that for simple?

Is your favorite product missing from this list? I’d love to know what other Bettie Babes use to make their fabulous hair fantasies come true! Take pictures of your favorite vintage styles or styling products and tag the Bettie Page Store on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I want to see how you rock your favorite looks. After all, a woman’s hair is her crown!

Peyton Powers

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