Nail the Pinup Queen’s Look with Clip-in Bettie Bangs™!

by: Tori Rodriguez, Editor

First, the origin story: Bettie Page’s iconic U-shaped bangs came about thanks to Jerry Tibbs, a police officer and amateur photographer who was instrumental in advancing Bettie’s modeling career. “For years I had my hair parted down the middle in a ponytail, tucked down around the sides,” Bettie was quoted as saying. “But he said to me, ‘Bettie, you’ve got a very high forehead. I think you’d look good if you cut some bangs to cover it.’ Well, I went and cut the bangs, and I’ve been wearing them ever since–they say it’s my trademark.” I’d say they’re right!

Flash forward to the 21 st century, and there are tons of women all over the world rocking those Bettie bangs with pride in homage to the Queen of Pinups. Some of us would love to join those ranks, but we may not have the right hair style or texture–and can’t or don’t want to take the drastic plunge of getting all that hair lopped into bangs that we’re not even sure we could even style in the same way Bettie did.

Enter Jessica Batiste, founder of a company called Classy Rebel™ that makes hair accessories and hair pieces, including–you know it–Clip-in Bettie Bangs™! I chatted with her about her company, her Bettie love, and the product that’s going to make our pinup dreams come true.

@Jezzi.b (Jessica Batiste) in Bettie Bangs™ by Classy Rebel™, photo by Kat Spoer For Classy Rebel™


Tori: Tell us a bit about yourself and your company. When and how was Classy Rebel born, what’s it about and what makes it special?

Jessica: I’m Jessica Batiste, founder of Classy Rebel. Born and raised in Southern California with ties in the South, I have always been intrigued by the many cultures that surrounded me. My love for hands-on beauty has transpired through my fascination with these various cultures and has helped me perfect my craft and expertise in diverse hair types. Through the practice of weaving and braiding I’ve been able to–for myself and my clients–keep our natural hair protected from heat and damage while still being able to experiment with different hair colors and styles. My love for creative hairstyling sparked a natural interest in design. Along with my human hair pieces, you will find handmade hair apparel and accessories to dress up your lovely locks.

Classy Rebel encompasses the classy and rebellious side in all of us women. It’s more than just hair and looks–it’s versatility and true confidence. Classy Rebel is for all women to achieve versatility with their hair and style rather than being confined to one look. One day, add classy pin curls to your custom wig and the very next day snap on a Clip-in Bettie Bang™ to rev up the rebel in you. Take hair breaks and wrap your hair in a chiffon bow or a handmade toque. All of our hair pieces are 100% human hair, and each of our accessories is completely original and genuinely handmade.

Tori: How did the Bettie Bangs line come about, and what sets your version apart from other brands?

Jessica: I began making clip-in bangs and hair pieces of all sorts when I was around 12 years old. I wanted to wear all of the hairstyles around me that my natural hair texture could not achieve. My friends in middle school wore short-cut bangs and I loved them! They resembled many black singers and actresses in old films and photos around me. My friends were into ska and reggae music like myself, so I just couldn’t resist hand making a set of my own. After a few years of wearing them, people were referring to them as “Bettie Bangs,” and I eventually found out about a lady named Bettie Page! She was so different looking and definitely unique. She had a curvy shape like myself and had a big smile. I also loved that she rocked those bangs oh so well.

@PinupLittleBit in Bettie Bangs™ by Classy Rebel (Deluxe), photo by Jessica Batiste for Classy Rebel™


Tori: What do you personally love about Bettie, and what are some ways she inspires you?

Jessica: I personally love a Classy Rebel in any form. Bettie was classy with her charming smile and modest winks. She was also rebellious with her nude photos and bondage scenes. What connected me to her most was her struggle between the two. Like her, it can be quite intimidating to take those photos and try to live a righteous lifestyle at the same time. She disappeared and I totally understand why–her story is deep and I can certainly respect that.

Tori: For folks planning to attend the grand opening of the brand new Bettie Page store at Santa Monica Place, tell us about the demos you’ll be offering there.

Jessica: Fans who attend the grand opening will be able to receive one-on- one assistance from me as I demonstrate how to curl and care for my handmade Clip-in Bettie Bangs™. Ill also be wearing my own set to show off the amazing blend of the bangs! If you can’t make this one, look out for our other events so I may assist you in bringing out the Classy Rebel that lies within!

@KvonSpun in Bettie Bangs™ by Classy Rebel™ (Classic), photo by Jessica Batiste for Classy Rebel™

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