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Guest Blogger: Avalon Monet

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I’m an avid wig-wearer. In the last year, my collection has grown from a few half wigs and some clip in extensions to more hairpieces than I can count and about six full wigs total. As a lover of vintage style since I was twelve years old, I’ve always strived to attain the perfect mid century era hairdos. In junior high and high school, I would set my hair every night in pin curls, hot sticks, curlers, etc in attempt to wake up with beautiful vintage waves. Sometimes they turned out okay, but for the most part, my pin straight white-girl hair texture has really hindered this goal. I’ve absolutely hated styling my own hair for years because of this.

Then I discovered the wonderful world of wigs. They have really helped me achieve the looks I want with minimal effort and amazing results. Instead of spending hours prepping and styling my own hair(and ending up frustrated or disappointed), I can spend more time doing my makeup and getting dressed, knowing it will take about two minutes maximum to throw on a wig or hair piece. Every few weeks, I’ll take a couple hours to wash and restyle my wigs as needed. This has made my life so much easier! And because I mostly buy wigs with long black hair and bangs like my own real hair, nobody can tell the difference!

Avalon Monet in the Bettie Page Wig from Bettie Page by Classy Rebel™

I was lucky enough to snag the Classy-Rebel Bettie Page™ Wig during their Black Friday sale. This was my first human hair wig, so I was super excited for a new experience! I received it about a month after ordering, and it was well worth the wait. Classy Rebel’s amazing boss-lady Jessica really puts a lot of love, care, and effort into every item she creates, and it shows.

My Bettie Page™ wig arrived pre-styled in beautiful waves with the perfect neutral colored lace intact and a cute little paper insert providing care instructions. I had never cut a lace front before, so I watched a few videos on Youtube and was able to do a decent job. The bangs, of course, made the cutting a lot less worrisome! I was able to pop it right on out of the box for New Years eve!

One of the first things I noticed about this wig was that the clips were further back on the cap than I am used to. It took me a moment to figure out the placement, but once I had it on properly, I really felt a big difference in comfort. I’ve been able to wear this wig for hours on end without itchiness, tightness, or a headache around the clip placement. Other wigs I own really tend to be uncomfortable after only a small amount of time, but with the Bettie wig, I have honestly forgotten I was wearing it before. I even fell asleep on my couch once after a photoshoot with the wig on, and it didn’t bother me one bit.

Avalon Monet in the Bettie Page Wig from the Bettie Page™ by Classy Rebel™

The only (minor) downside I’ve found with this wig is that because it is human hair, it does require re-styling more often than my synthetic wigs that have a permanent wave pattern. However, synthetic wigs tangle, fray, and become matted very easily. They do not last as long overall due to this. The Bettie wig makes long term use much more feasible, since you can wash it with human hair products and easily bring it back to life. I would much rather spend some time washing and curling a human hair wig than deal with the extensive de-tangling, trimming, and soaking a synthetic wig requires for long term use.

Overall, the Bettie Page™ wig is by far the nicest wig I’ve ever owned and I’ll be taking great care of it to ensure it lasts me a long time. I highly recommend investing in this high quality product. You won’t only look fabulous with beautiful hair, but you’ll also be supporting a WOC owned small business that truly cares about their customers.

-Avalon Monet

Avalon Monet in the Bettie Page Wig

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